28 September 2009

Love & Boys.

Dear Boys,

I love you to pieces.

I, especially, love you when one of you spills butterscotch pudding all down the back of the fridge and doesn't tell me until it has hardened and fossilized. I love when you put cracker boxes or lemonade pitchers back where they belong, but empty. I love when you pee all down the front of the toilet or just straight-up on the floor or do a number 2 without flushing and leave me to discover it. I love when you put on white baseball pants with navy blue underwear to go outside to play and think that is acceptable AND fashion forward. I love when you tell me you are going to run away and live in the woods all because I told you that you could not play Wii until you picked up your toys. I love when you empty the garage of all of its bloody contents and then whine and moan when you are told at the end of the day to put it all back. I love when you put on 5 different t-shirts throughout the day just because. I love that you jump on the couch so much that you have both put a hole in it TWICE. I love that you complain there is nothing to eat the very day I went grocery shopping. I love when your pretend light saber duels usually turn into pinching, pulling, punching, knock-down, drag out fights to the death. I love that you two don't eat any vegetables but green beans and corn. I love that you rat each other out for the littlest thing.

But, mostly, I love that despite it all, you are the best of friends. I love that you say 'please' and 'thank you'. I love that you snuggle with your sisters, and help them learn something new almost everyday. I love that you work hard in school. I love that you have incredible imaginations. I love that you smile at me for no reason. I love that you don't really want to run away no matter what you say. I love how you wrestle with Dad. I love that you would rather ride your bikes than be inside playing video games. I love that you look out for each other in this big, bad world. I love when I hear you tell curious people that 'God made Betsy's brain different than the rest of ours'. I love when you color me pictures or write me letters. I love that you always want a band-aid from me when you skin your knee. I love when, every once in awhile, you'll still hold my hand. I love that you think it's funny that I actually have a name other than Mom. I love when you read to me. I love how proud you are of yourselves when you accomplish something. I love when you tell me about your day. I love that you kiss me good-night.

I love that you are mine.

I love YOU BOTH! More than you'll ever know.

yours forever, MOM


  1. I love this! Boys are the best!!

  2. I planned on it being a cry-free day today and then I read this. Your boys will one day look back at this and once again realize how incredible their mom was and is.

  3. so sweet!
    Can I give one to my boys and pretend I wrote it? hehe


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