12 August 2009

pretty please...with a cherry on top.

I recently entered a contest on stltoday.com about breastfeeding and what it means to you. I tweeked an old blog post, and used that as my entry. (Gosh, blogging really comes in handy sometimes, no?)

I just found out that a panel of St. Louis Post Dispatch journalists have chosen my essay as one of 15 finalists. Now, it is up to the internetting public to vote. You are allowed to vote one time per day per email address. It takes, literally, 7.987352 seconds to register, and you won't get any stupid spam. Aaaaaand, you can vote EVEN if you don't live in the lou. Yipee!

To help this blogger out...go HERE. (My essay is the second one. First row, on the right side of the screen, entitled 'Aunt Mo and Breastfeeding?').

After you register, and click to fill in the vote circle, you must scroll back up or down and click 'save vote'. That's it! Then you go back for the next several days (because you love me) and vote again, until I am declared the awesomest breastfeeding 300-word essay contest writer ever! See how that works?
I have the utmost confidence that you will all help me out, so, in advance...
Thank You!

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