04 August 2009


It's a candle kind of day in the lou. It is overcast, and rainy. The air is so thick, I am convinced it is not oxygen at all, but some soupy gas that has the reverse effect of O2. It sucks the air clear out of your lungs. The house is pretty clean, and I just wanted a little ambiance and candley happiness, so, I got out a bunch of candles that my friend, Lisa, made for me in a craft swap. (Do any of you swap your wares? I love doing this!)

Anywho, her candles are what wax in heaven must be like. Assuming heaven has wax. Their smell is continuously strong, but not overpowering, and they burn long, and clean. Come to think of it, she should really be sellin' these bad boys on etsy.


I really like Lisa. Yet, another reason I am thankful for the computer, at times. Lisa and I would, probably, have never had more than a handful of exchanges in 'real' life (our husbands are friends), but now we chat all the time.

Hmmmm, if only we could put our shyness in our pockets, and catch dinner and a movie!

And, yes, believe it or not...in real time, I am painfully shy. True story!

Now, go light a candle and chill...

...even if you have to fold laundry, while doing so. ;)

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