07 August 2009

a, b, and c.

As we all know, the beginning of a new school year is fast approaching. Some kids have already begun. I was thinking about how magical it is to get new school supplies. Even now, being the mom, I love it. Those fresh crayons and notebooks are symbolic of a new beginning, a fresh start. I am especially enamored with Jake's new backpack. It hasn't arrived, yet, but I am smitten.
I opt out of getting them cheaper packs every year, and they get a new, higher end pack every 3 years. Jake will be entering 3rd grade, so, this was his year. These packs last longer, and it is a simple way to avoid the whole commercial/character thing. Plus, they get super excited (so far) when it's their year.

I am really considering making a quilt. Lots of bloggers, recently have done it. And, in all honesty, I've thought about it for a couple of years. I am confident enough in my sewing abilities now, and I think I would like the quilt even more if it had imperfections. Choosing who to make the quilt for has proven to be quite difficult because of 'even steven' mom guilt. Ultimately, I think I'm going to make Betsy one first. For several reasons. First, her coverlet on her bed now, is old, old, OLD! Second, I've already bought a killer comforter for Rosie's new room. It's yellow, white, and grey, is fluffy and scrumptious, and it was $14.99 to boot! Finally, if I make one of the boys a quilt, I'll have to make 2, because they will still be sharing a room when the basement is finished. I really need to start with one, ya know? Choosing fabric is also a major problem.

Do I go big and bold or soft and subtle? I'm leaning towards the Amy Butler. What do you think?

We have opted out of sending Rosie to pre-school this year. This will still leave her with 2 complete years of early childhood instruction before she enters kindergarten. So, I've been wanting to sign her up for something fun, yet instructional in some way. I am trying to find something beyond the typical dance or gymnastics class. I am going to check out some programs at the St. Louis Zoo and maybe COCA. The problem is she's only 2 1/2, but she is potty-trained. Most programs are for ages 3 and up. Maybe, I'll just sign her up for every last class at the St. Louis County Library. If anyone has any unique suggestions, please leave them in the comment area below.


  1. Hey beth, when katherine was two, i took her to all of the workshops at the magic house. it is included in your admission, or free if you are a member. they have art, music and science ones, and a different theme each month. we always had such a good time doing it. the best part is that they are in the a.m. at like 10, before the magic house opens up to the masses. it is age 5 and under only. they also have a storytime. speaking of the library, we have been going for storytime every week for years now. at first, i wasnt overly impressed, but as time went on, the kids and ms. chris really got to know each other, and the same people tend to come everytime, so you get to know more stay at home moms too. the best thing about both of these things is that there is no commitment. if you have the other kids with a day off or somebody sick, you arent out anything by not going. just a couple of ideas. i am sure i will think of more..

  2. Hi Beth! Are you involved with the Parents as Teachers program in your school district? In ours, they offer about 2 free activities a month during the daytime. They are fun, yet educationally base. You can’t go wrong with M&M Math!!! They normally ask for an RSVP, just to make sure they have enough supplies on hand. Don't forget story time at Barnes & Nobles and the fact she will learn a lot from having even more attention from you and helping you with the daily chores. I still remember my Mom trying to teach my sister how to count by using a ¼ cup measuring spoon to dump sugar to the lemonade.

    Kim J.

  3. hate character backpacks. working on brainwashing the character loving daughter to share in my hatred. love the amy butler fabric. can't go wrong. seriously, your sewing skillz are totally up for a quilt. make one. now.


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