09 July 2009

A trip...sans kids.

Tomorrow...we are going HERE:

It is a milestone trip to be sure. Jake and I have not been without all of our kids in over 5 years. The thing is...I, typically, have no reason to be away from them. The occasional date night, yes. Days on end, no. So, it's about time for some good, old fashioned, adult debauchery. We will be going with several other couples. There will be lots of food, lots of sun (hopefully), lots of mommy type cocktails, and LOTS of laughs. I am certain my sides will be split in two, and in need of a heating pad by the time we trudge home on Sunday. I will be sure and take plenty of pictures, and share them with you all soon. All I can say is, I sure hope I don't miss my babies by Saturday morning!

See ya Monday!

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  1. okay those links were overwhelmingly wonderful! LOVE

    Have fun on your trip, my cousin lives there :) My other cousin and her husband use to live there but they just moved to Wyoming. Now just my cousin and his fiance :) Maybe you'll see my family, and not even know it :)


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