12 June 2009

the mouth.

Lately, the oldest, Jake, has got sass. Not common, garden variety sass, but what SHOULD be "teenage, angst filled, alone in the world, I'm soooo misunderstood, plus it makes me look cool" sass. Here is an example:

upon waking up in the morning
Jake: I'm hungry
me: Can you hold on? I need to change Betsy's diaper.
Jake: I'm hungry, NOW! (exit by stomping off to bedroom and slamming door)
me: (internal dialogue) Wowza! Well, alrighty then!
later, Jake enters from bedroom and sits at kitchen table smuggly
Jake: (sigh)
Jake: (sigh, again)
me: Can I help you with something?
Jake: Donuts!
me: Um, could you ask nicely and with a little bit more respect? (internal dialogue) I mean, geez, kid...I did take the time to MAKE the donuts. How a about a 'please'!)
Jake: Whatever! (exit by stomping off to bedroom and slamming door)


Okay, so, he just turned 8. So, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is this all about? All I said was good morning. And, that is what ensued. And, it just keeps getting worse. Someone help, PUH-LEEZ! I don't think I am going to be a very good tween/teen mommy. If this is making me nuts, what will I do then? The worst part is, it gets turned on and off so quick, I'm never sure what to expect. Most of the time, he is a GREAT kid. Terrific, even! But, this...I don't know about all this. Seriously.



  1. yikes... is he getting enough individual attention? i see addie acting out and being a little stinker when she feels neglected.

  2. that's what i think it is. plus, he's already bored this summer. my mom is going to keep him overnight this weekend. maybe that will help! i love that lil' terd!


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