29 June 2009

just some stuff.

Okay, so...

I ordered our pictures. And, I spent way too much money, but...I figure it like this, we had it (the money), we will probably not get family pictures again for a loooooooong time. It took nearly five years to get these. And, we didn't go to Disney this year, as previously planned. So, there you have it. I'm really only justifying it to myself. Because, frankly, it's nobody else's business...mom (and, no second mortgage was required)! :)

Also, I made a skirt over the weekend. For me! I really like it. Crystal over at Little Bit Funky posted one she had made, and I got to thinkin' that I could try, at the very least. Surprisingly, it worked out pretty fabulously considering it's about the 4th clothing item I've sewn. I even had to come up with my own pattern of sorts. Crystal's skirt is a lot cuter, and has happier, Amy Butler, fabrics. But, I will definitely be making myself some more. There is nothing like a skirt in the summertime!

Off to clean & sew!

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