01 May 2009


So, I have scheduled a family photo session for my posse on June 6th with the the wonderful Laurie of EyeSmilePho'tot'graphy. I am very excited. We have not had a family photo since Betsy was a newborn. I haven't taken the kids either, since Rosie was 4 months old. Wowza! I am utterly inadequate as a mother, I know. Anywho, she came highly recommended by a facebook friend, Christine Plamann (who incidentally is another awesome photog up north, check her out here if you live in the Milwaukee area). Laurie takes awesome natural light shots, and many of her photos have a funky urban feel.

Now, the anxiety is setting in. Five weeks out, and I am already wondering...
Will the kids behave?
What will we wear?
Will Laurie wish she never met us when it's all over?
Will there be at least one great shot?

You know, the usual prephoto stress. The one that is really plaguing me is the attire issue. I don't really want to buy anything new, and I want the clothes to coordinate but look natural. You know, stuff we would wear in real life. Something funky and fun, but not overkill.

I was on Design Mom the other day, and stumbled across her recent family photos, here. This really couldn't have happened at a better time. They are beautiful (taken by Candice Stringham), AND I love their wardrobe (check out details here). I am totally going to use them as our inspiration. Surprisingly, I won't have to buy much of anything. That's super great!

Below are two of the beautiful photos Candice took of Gabrielle's (Design Mom creator) family. Aren't they stunning? If ours turn out a quarter to a half as good, I will be more than satisfied.

Photo by Candice Stringham

Photo by Candice Stringham

PS I looooooooove Gabrielle's kids' names...Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, and Betty. Uh, hello! So cute!

Say cheese!

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