08 May 2009

i shouldn't be blogging right now.

I have, like, a gagillion things to do today. Tomorrow is Jakey's First Holy Communion followed by a reception at our house. So, instead of cleaning and assembling all of the lasagnas, I have done the following...

I got together Jake's duds for tomorrow, just because I think they are so darn cute. Don't you just love the jacket and linen bow tie? I thought I would take advantage of the fact that our church does not have a specific dress code for this sacrament. The tie is from etsy. You can find lots of cute ones here.

Then, a thunderstorm shook up the St.Louis area. Apparently, Rosie has decided she does not like, "'under, ow-side". So, instead of tending to my pre-hostess duties, I held her and tried to get her to calm down. About 2 hours, that's right, 2 hours later, she fell asleep on the couch with her beloved "B". Then, I proceeded to take a crap ton of pictures of her because she is such a wonderful subject when sleeping.

Now, it is 2:29pm, the house is a mess, I feel like dog dirt from a cold, and not one lasagna has even been attempted. Oh, and I still need to go back to the grocery store AND pick up a table from Mrs.Lewis' house for the candy buffet. And, tomorrow morning Jake has a play-off football game, I need to pick up the cake and balloons, and then it's off to church and straight back here for the festivities.


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