08 April 2009


Have I ever told you that I have a mouth like a sailor?


Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep this blog void of profanity?

Harder than labor with no drugs, and I should now, I've done that.

My mouth is bad. Really bad. I drop 'f'' bombs like nobody's bidness.

Don't hate me. I am pretty conscious of my mouth when the kids are around.

Except Rosie.

I guess I just still think of her as a baby.

I am really trying to clean up my mouth. Particularly, because lil' Ro has been repeating some of the things that I say and laughing.

Here's what I want to know...

How is it that at a mere two years of age, she already knows that saying a bad word is something she shouldn't be doing. Hence, the pure amusement she gets out of it.

Why are certain words 'bad' anyway?

Who decides this stuff?

If I were in charge of selecting bad words, I would have chosen completely different things.

Why not funnier words like whipple or snoofleblad? Those are to fun to say.

Some of you who do not know me personally, may find my linguistic choices surprising. I mean I am a good Catholic, mid-western, family gal. Right? (This is where you agree with me, so, nod your head.)

But, let me tell you something, I am a firecracker at heart. And you just can't extinguish my spark. You know, kind of like a pilot light. If you blow it out, I just won't work and I may even explode.

Cursing is really a dirty, f*&$#ng habit!

ps please don't think less of me. it just goes to show you that we are only human, after all. :)

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  1. Right on sister! I like to think that i got my "beauty" (stop laughing!) from my mom and my "sailor" mouth from my dad! I agree the words should be more fun! I have been trying so hard to erase those nasty words from my vocab but agree its a part of me. God loves me through and through and earmuffs it when he needs to.
    -Mrs. Lewis


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