20 April 2009

should I?

I've been wondering, lately, if I should put some stuff up on etsy. I love doing applique especially, and the sewing part is therapeutic for me. The extra fundage would be marvelous. But, I just don't know. I'm afraid my items wouldn't sell, or my product wouldn't be good enough, or I'd charge too much or too little, not to mention the fact that these kind of etsy shops are a dime a dozen (I would need something unique to bait the customers in.) Ahhhhhhh!

What's a girl to do?



  1. I definitely think you should.

  2. i think your things shown are absolutely fabulous and i think you would do really well. just try it out. it def. won't hurt:) you will surprise yourself!! Tiffany

  3. um... you so should start your own shop! holy crap i thought you bought those at a store. your technique is great!

  4. YES! Try it. Maybe to make yourself more different stock the store with boy oriented things. Those are a little bit harder to find. You do awesome job.

  5. You should maybe take advantage of this. Promote your new shop for free. http://pennypeople.blogspot.com/2009/04/free-advertising-for-1-month.html


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