14 April 2009

Susan Boyle.

click here to watch the clip of Susan Boyle's performance.

I was recently alerted to a youtube video from Britain's Got Talent television show. It features the 47-year-old woman above. I woman who has never been married or even kissed for that matter. A woman who lives in a quiet English village with her cat named Pebbles. A woman who is by conventional standards homely. A woman who just wanted to sing in front of a large crowd.

Well, Miss Boyle, you got your wish, and knocked millions of people's socks off in the process.

You will cry. You will second guess every snap judgement you have ever made about anyone. You will want to be a better person. You will wonder why we judge at all. You will question many things about yourself and others. Your shallow pool will be deepened.

This touched me in a profound way. I thought of Betsy, and what people must think of her when she has a meltdown in the store, or how they must wonder why she walks the way she does, or how they may ponder all of the reasons why she doesn't talk. You know...all of the thoughts that must instantly enter most individuals' minds when they see her. And it's a real shame. Because Betsy will surprise you, just without words or song. She will do it by being her.

And, yes, she may never be married or kissed, she may never even be able to care for her own cat, but she will surprise anyone who gives her the chance. Just like Susan Boyle.
I dreamed a dream.

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  1. Oh don't you just love it. It just proves that everyone judges people by their looks. I am soooo happy for her:) I just can't watch those shows. I can't take it when people mock each other. God made us each differnt and we are all special in our own ways.Have a great night.


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