24 April 2009

awards & rewards.

Rosemary Zander Award
Betsy's award banquet was last night.
It was awesome!
She got up on stage with her teachers,
and even gave an acceptance "speech" with her talker.
At the end, she signed "I love you" to Jake and I.
It was a surprise that she has been working on at school.
She was full of hugs and kisses for all.
She was lovin' being our 'only-child' for the night.
Congratulations, Betsy Jane!
We love you, too!

carousel rides at the St.Louis Zoo
Betsy loves carousels.
Sometimes you cannot peel her off.
This morning I took her to the beautiful
carousel at the zoo, along with my sister, Jill,
my neice, Kate, and lil' Ro, of course.
What a lovely morning!
Have a good weekend!


  1. very good night with a very proud little girl. what a humbling experience. and, thanks for all the great pictures today at the zoo. i love the ones of the girls on the carousel. you forgot to put my favorite though... more bars in more places!


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