31 March 2009

to whom it may concern.

I hate exercising. I loathe it. I detest it from the depth of my core with a fiery rage I cannot control. But...

I want my stomach to look like that, up there. I mean, I'm trying to be realistic about this. I know that 150 crunches a couple of nights in a row will not do it, and honestly, that's about all I can give to this whole working-out thing. That is why I need a tummy tuck. Seriously.

Is that too much to ask? I am totally willing to go under the knife. It is very vain (I'm not afraid to admit that) and very extreme, but I want to be as gorge as I can be. What is wrong with that?

I say, not a thing. Not one single thing.

So, to all of the plastic surgeons out there that line up to read this blog on a daily basis (because I know there are ginormous amounts of you), could one of you please, please, please give me a comp? I vow here and now to be forever grateful.
Thank You.


  1. you need to make up your mind little girl..... one day you want more babies and the next day you want A free tummy tuck..... You can't have your cake and eat it too! (haha ) Wait until after the next babies and then get one! However I believe it takes a lot to get a stomach to look the way it does after you have had children. The stretch marks become a part of you that makes you remember how happy you were and how lucky you are to have children! Love the body god gave you and your body will love you back! (BTW getting a massage on a regular basis can help with weight loss!) Just had to add that in there! Mrs. Lewis

  2. hahahahahahahaha! you're fabulous!!! :o)


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