12 March 2009

Spring has sprung.

Although the weather in St. Louis is eternally unpredictable, spring is coming. Last week, we had a string of 75+ degree days. It was wonderful. And, as we all know, with warmer breezes comes wound-up kiddies. They would live outside if they could. Friday, it was so warm, Betsy decided to enjoy the fresh air in a Tinkerbell costume, while playing in the dirt with her cousin Kate. And, the boys could have played their mean game of "Horse" in shorts. It was a great day!

Ahhhhh, to be young again.

Go Play!

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  1. beth, i love all the pics especially the one of betsy. but, i want that one of kate and bets in the dirt pit. bets has her tinkerbell costume on and kate has a dress and ruffle socks playing in dirt with "boy" toys... priceless!


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