24 March 2009


I am constantly finding inspiration everywhere. Clothes, food, photography, art, nature. You name it. I will find something inspiring about it. A stand mixer can be beautiful, an egg in a nest, a bowl of peppermint ice cream. I am not quite sure what I am being inspired to do, yet. Inspired to live a better life, learn to notice the small things and to appreciate them with a full heart, and to know that God is behind it all. All of this leads me to think of how much beauty there is all around us everyday. Beauty we don't always choose to see. Beauty that we most certainly take for granted. A child's smile, a handshake, all the green popping out of the ground. All inspiring, all beautiful, all happiness. And, let's face it...we are all only as inspired, beautiful, and happy as we decide to be.

Choose inspiration, beauty, & happiness!

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