22 March 2009

6 pieces of pretty.

Since having four children that are all able to feed themselves, I have come to loathe my kitchen chairs because the seats are upholstered. This means spills stain, and even after you clean them, there is a big crusty spot left.


I would dream at night about 6 beautiful Kartell La Marie, Victoria Ghost, or Emeco navy chairs.

Uh, but I am so sorry...I don't have about $2500 for a butt pedestal, and even if I did, that's not how I role.

Alternatively, I have long admired the scoop back chair from West Elm.

Enter, my sister, Jill.

She calls a couple of weeks ago to tell me that they are on super sale.

"Super sale?", I say. (By the way, super sale equal $79 apiece.)

Well, the rest is history.

They arrived last week and it has been love and happiness ever since.

Here's to happy bottoms!


  1. LOVE, love, love those chairs. I didn't even tempt myself to see the other overly priced chairs! You have awesome taste :)

  2. now if jill could just decide what color she wants and take the plunge, she too could have those scoop back chairs she's been eyeing for like a gagillion years!!


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