03 February 2009

Valid point.

We all seek validation for things we do, in way or another.

Is what we're doing working? Is it satisfying others in the way we want it to? Can the things that I do be relied upon?

I would say, it's just pure human nature. The theory that we want to love and be loved in return. On many different levels.

Do I blog to seek validation from others?

Well, it didn't start that way. It was a means to an end for me. Therapeutic. Sharing my life with others. People that I may, in fact, never meet. Airing it out. Letting the skeletons out of my closet, so to speak. I've often said that I will tell just about anything you want to know. I guess no one has ever had the salt to ask.

So, I decided to blog.

Do I need validation to continue?

Of course not!

it sure feels good!

Yesterday, I was featured on '30 days'. It is a blog that gets waaaaaayyyyyy more hits than mine, and it features ideas, inspiration, all things handmade, and sha-weet giveaways. Mique, from '30 days', asked to share my Valentine tutorial with her readers.

Uh, yeah! For shniz!

Go here to see the link in all of its glory!

So, in honor of me scoring a button (look in the column on the left under my profile), I think that we all should give someone in our lives a little validation today for a job, any job, well-done! Go ahead...passing out warm fuzzies is fun!

Let me know how it goes!

Later, gators!


  1. way to go bethy!! i knew you were good at/for something.

  2. Great post. Yes- we all seek validation. Love this idea of encouraging others.
    Thanks for letting me link. Glad you are displaying the button with pride!
    Also- my oldest has autism and I was reading somewhere on your blog that your daughter has special needs. Special needs mamas unite. ;)

  3. here's "your" warm fuzzy from meg k's mom. thought you should have been "shouted out" long before this. since i've learned about odd girl out...? i haven't missed a day! you go girl!!!!


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