15 February 2009

Those darn kids.

Betsy took a cat-nap, or shall we say 'dog-nap', with one of her favorite canines, Teddy. Betsy has a special connection to her puppies. I can't imagine not having doggies around, particularly, for Miss Bets.

My girls are rarely dressed at home. It may sound weird, but they love to run around in their skivvies or even nakie. Friday, when my momma watched the Grebe gals while I was at Pete's Valentine Party at school, was certainly no exception. After I got home, and my mom was leaving, Betsy stood in the doorway waving and holding her baggy 'o snacks until she could no longer see her Grandma's car anymore. Sooo, cute!

This is the little piece of pottery that Jake made for me at school. Aside from it being made by my first born's little hands, it melts my heart because he told me that he chose the colors he did because they matched the house. How cute is that? I know, I know, it's a little twisted that he knows how OCD I am, but it was so touching that he knew just what I would like. That little rascal could have painted it red with purple polka-dots, and I still would have displayed it proudly.

Pete had to fill out a worksheet all about him at school the other day. The last line reads, "One thing I would like to tell you is...". Well, you can read the rest. How funny is that? At least, he is in touch with all aspects of his personality, AND he is honest.

Finally, we come to Rosie. Her new favorite book is the toddler Bible above. The cutest thing ever is that she goes through the book and finds the pictures of Jesus, and says, "Momma, Dee-Zhus!". With the emphasis on the 'zhus'. She even finds the babies in the book and says, "Baby Dee-Zhus". There are no words!

Okay, so, now that I have just wrote the most "Mommy" post ever. I apologize. But sometimes, those darn kids just yank my heartstrings. And, it's my blog, so there.

Ta-ta, for now!


  1. such cute stories and pictures! :) thanks for sharing and making me smile today!

  2. I love these pics Beth. Would you be interested in taking some Newborn pics in a few months?
    Tammy :0)

  3. Just have to say after stopping by your house yesterday made my day! I finally saw that you are in fact "NORMAL" seeing a bed unmade to some people may mean nothing but when I saw it in your house..... I could breathe easy. My now finally know that my dearest friend is not an alien or robot she is a normal mom! I love ya girl! And Betsy standing at the door watching me leave made my day I waived to her all the way until I turned on to the other street! Who cares what the neighbors think...... I was waiving to my girl Betsy! Mrs. Lewis


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