10 February 2009


Do you know what this crazy 'sport', shall we call it, is?
It freakin' awesome/unbelievable. That's what it is!
The click-clack the cups make. The speed and precision. For real.
I, for one, think that kids should be able to get college scholarships for such a skill.
It is crazy to watch. Your mind is tricked into thinking your watching in fast forward.
But, you're not. How cool is that?
Watch it here.
My mind was blown, but when it comes to kids, it doesn't take much to amaze me.
Geez, between Guitar Hero & World Sport Stacking, I'm starting to feel like my childhood was severely lacking in certain areas!
Nonetheless, memories were certainly made with our lousy boom boxes and four square tournaments.
Now, there is a sport I could've gotten a full ride on.

Start stackin'!

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