17 February 2009

Babies and fingernails.


so, we all know the name Nadya Suleman, and if you don't, you have been living under a rock. The lady with fourteen children under the age of 7. The woman who collected over $150,000 in disability because of a back injury that was completely debilitating. So, debilitating that she went on to have 6 pregnancies, including twins and octuplets. WOW! Her back must have REALLY hurt after that. The same woman who has no job, no husband or partner with a job, no home, no income, is living off of loans that should be used to pay off her schooling, AND the woman who is collecting disability for 3 of her children AND receiving food stamps, AND, obviously, Medicaid. All the while, seemingly having enough dispensable cash to get a full set of acrylic nails, and, allegedly, lip injections. (Am I the only one who noticed?) That woman shouldn't even be able to purchase Lee Press-Ons, baby.

As a taxpayer, I would like to tell Nadya, "You're welcome!".

Actually, it is not the amount of children she has. I mean, hey, if you can responsibly and reasonably care for the humans you bring into the world, GREAT! Otherwise, cool it! Seriously! I love the Duggars. They have, like, 18 rug rats. Children that are well-adjusted, kind, loving, respectful, etc. Children that are cared for by parents who have an income, a clean, organized home, structure, and discipline.

Then, there is the whole argument about the remaining embryos, and how leaving them in the freezer would have been sinful. And, personally, I couldn't agree more. (Donating them to women who cannot have children of their own seems like a good idea!) HOWEVER, reasonably, they should have never been created in the first place. The whole situation is sad, irresponsible (on many peoples' parts), and wrong on so many levels.

All I can say is, it makes me even more grateful for the life Jake and I have built for our family. I may not get paid for what I do (Jake does, woo-woo), but we both work very hard to have the life we have. We depend on no one, but ourselves, and God willing, we will never have to. Each child was delivered using our insurance (we continue to use our insurance, that Jake works for, for all of our medical care needs), dentist bills are payed for with saved cash because we do not have a dental plan, our food is bought with a debit card, our bills are payed with OUR money from OUR checking account. Mostly, we feel like we are deserving of NOTHING, other than, what we have EARNED through hard work and saving.

Oh well, I'm just going to keep on livin'. The world is full of people like Nadya. We all have rolls to play, I suppose. But, that roll is not for me. I want to be accountable for my life, self-sustaining. You know, so I can get to sleep at night.


  1. Not to mention that if I had 8 children in the Nic U...... Fake nails carry so many germs and in the long run are not Healthy for anyone! That was the 1st thing I noticed when I saw her on tv.....no money but great looking nails! Wow lady! Not to mention if I had 8 children in the hospital and 7 more at home i would spend everyminute with the babies as i could....... not wasting my time in a nail salon! But hey different folks different strokes! Mrs. Lewis

  2. i couldn't have said it better myself sista!! as for the nails... i only wish with two kids i had enough time and extra cash to do something like that (a manicure not fakeys - that's like so 1994). i guess it just depends what your priorities are.

  3. Glad I'm not the only person who thinks this lady had gotten herself in WAY over her head, on purpose!

    Happy my taxes can go support her fake nail habit, while i have short, cracked nails due to my lack of time to get my nails done since I work all day long!


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