02 February 2009

25 random things...

Because I have absolutely nothing to write about, I took a cue from Amy Lawson of 'the Lawsons did Dallas', and decided to post my 25 random things from facebook. Try not to fall asleep. I've read it, and believe me...it's hard.

1. I have four children with my husband, Jake Grebe; Jake II (7.5), Pete (6), Betsy (4), & Rosie (23 months), and contrary to what you may be thinking...they were all planned! I know, we're crazy! Jake and I have been together a total (dating and married) of 14 years in February. Wowza! We will celebrate our 9-year-wedding-anniversary in June of this year.

2. I am a Roman-Catholic girl that believes in the public school system.

3. I rarely pay full price for anything, or I find a way to get what I want/need on the cheap! Example: my wedding dress was $225 (where was J.Crew Weddings when I got married?), the armchair in my living room was $86 (originally $219), it goes on and on.

4. My husbands life-long best friend,Brent J., married my sister, Jill, who incidentally, I am VERY close with. And, we all live within 5 miles of each other, AND our kids were born weeks apart. It makes for some good times.

5. My best friend is Mrs. Lewis. After, years and YEARS and YEARS of losing touch, we reconnected at our husbands' 10-year-reunion, and the rest is history!

6. I have been to England, the Caribbean, Mexico, and various states (I have never been further west than Colorado).

7. I have an obsessive passion for design, decorating, DIY, and all things that make my surroundings more beautiful.

8. My daughter, Betsy,is mentally/physically handicapped. I love it when people actually ask me questions about her, as opposed to just wondering, and coming up with their own (probably wrong) conclusions about how/why/when, etc. It has been life changing, for sure.

9. I am told that I am a clean freak, and I suppose this is true. I have OCD about lots of things. For instance, I make people take off their shoes when they come in our house, and I always get crap for it.

10. I am obsessed (there's that OCD, again) with the science and art of baby-naming. Seriously! Stuff, like, why do people choose the names they do, spell them the way they do, choose siblings names, etc.

11. I have experienced all kinds of childbirth. I had a typical delivery with Jake with an epidural, I had Pete naturally (no drugs!), on purpose, and he weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz., Betsy was breech and came via planned c-section, and Rosie was a repeat c-section. I could be a doula. I would LOVE that!

12. I am crazy nuts for encouraging women to breast-feed. I am NOT a psycho-nut about it. For instance, I do not nurse until my children are old enough to talk. I cut 'em off at 1-year. I just think it is such a simple, good, perfect thing you can do for your kids. FYI, cloth diapers are great, too, for soooo many reasons.

13. Honesty is very important to me. I, literally, have no secrets. I will tell you just about anything you want to know.

14. Even though my tubes are tied, I would love to have more children. I would/could adopt a baby that is considered "undesirable" by most people's standards, get a tubal reversal, or IVF. Either way, I just feel like their are more children in my future. And, yes, my husband is completely on board. He didn't want me to get my tubes clipped.

15. I have a handicapped parking tag because of Betsy, and I actually DO NOT abuse it. Really!

16. I love Guitar Hero and reading, and sadly, it is a toss up of which I love more. I cannot tell a lie.

17. I love taking pictures, and just got my first SLR camera this past November. It is amazing, but I have so much to learn, it is quite a piece of machinery.

18. I have my degree in speech pathology, but I currently stay-at-home. When I do go back to work, I would love to get my Special Education teaching certificate.

19. My dad is in the Army, and has been to Bosnia, and Iraq, twice. I am very proud of him.

20. I am a conservative republican, and am not ashamed to say it. I did NOT vote for Obama, although, I will stand behind him, now that he is our President. By the way, as many of my friends/family can tell you, I am quite liberal about certain things, ie; gay/lesbian rights, charitable work, freedom of expression/speech, the environment, etc. I guess you could say, I am the modern-day republican. Basically, I am trying to raise my children to think for themselves and make up their own minds, even if it's not what I believe.

21. I am secretly in love with Glen Hansard from the band, The Frames. He is probably the only famous-person crush I've ever had. PS, I still wouldn't cry and act like an idiot if I met him (think: Elvis and Beatles concerts).

22. I love baking. Cooking...not so much. I do cook, it's just that I prefer baking. My favorite goody to date that I have made: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

23. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, but once I had kids, it has become Christmas. Observing children at Christmastime is truly magical.

24. I have a blog. I know, I know...super computer dork. I love doing it though. And, I feel like some of the things that I have written are pretty darn good. I never even knew that I could write like that. Blogging has also made me an Etsy fan. If you don't know what Etsy is, don't say I didn't warn you (Etsy.com). My blog:

25. Despite things that I have been through (mostly, coming to terms with my life post-Betsy's prognosis), I am very happy and satisfied with my life. I, really, don't think it could be any better. I am very blessed. Remember: things could ALWAYS be worse. Believe it or not.

Peace on the streets!


  1. Tammy told me about your blog. You are an amazing person. I want to be like you. :) Seriously!
    #9 in Slovenia where I come from guests are offered slippers when they arrive.
    #13 I am big on honesty too. No secrets. Life is so much easier.

  2. I might be posting twice as something happened while I tried to comment.
    Tammy gave me your blog address. You are an AMAZING person. I want to be like you. Seriously! :)
    #9 In Slovenia where I come from guests are offered slippers upon arrival.
    #13 I am big on honesty too. Life is so much easier with it.
    P.S. Music on your site rocks. You have a great taste.

  3. #5 Makes me cry! You are such an awesome friend! I don;t know what I would have done the past year and 9months with out you!!!!!


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