06 January 2009

Nothing better going on.

It was a rice pudding kind of morning. I like it with a smackeral (or drizzle) of honey and some cinnamon. And, contrary to how most people serve it, I like it served warm.

But, whatev.

This particular recipe came from the recent object of my affection, Joy the Baker. Her and I are going to be best friends someday, I just know it.

And, you can suck it, Vince (that's my dad). My rice pudding is sooo not watery.

In other news...

Rosie likes to 'help' me wash her hair.

Even if she's not in the bathtub, or anywhere close.

Thanks, Rosie.

fyi~her hair was completely dry prior to the application of conditioner
nice, huh?

Still just trying to get back into the swing of things. Everyone's readjusting to our 'real' life schedule.

...so far, so good.

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  1. I second the motion of serving the rice pudding warm... must be in the genes. Also, I believe you have another Kate on your hands with that Rosie. I've forewarned you...


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