20 January 2009


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Okay, so here goes.

I am not a democrat. Most people that I know accept this about me and move on with their lives. After all, variety is the spice of life. I am not militant about my party affiliation (most of the time). In fact, if a democrat, libertarian, or independent, can come up with intelligent, valid reasons for their political tendencies, more power to 'em. Just have something halfway reasonable and well thought out to back up the reasons why you lean the way you do. Whichever way that is. (By the way, 'because, it's cool' is NOT a reason).

There are many things that I lean to the left about. The environment, gay rights, civil rights, stem cell research (of the NON-embryonic variety), animal rights, basic human rights, I prefer peace over war (unless, there doesn't seem to be any other way), yadda, yadda, yadda. Basically, like with most things in life, I do not believe every single thing the conservative right believes. But, at the core, I believe in capitalism and hard work. I believe that there is a severe lack of morals and values in this country, and that a little bit more God, or whatever spiritual being you believe in (seriously, I know not everyone is a Christian) wouldn't hurt any of us. I could go on, but who has the time, and do you really care?

I am not cynical to the point of hating our new President. Quite the opposite. I think he has a fantastic opportunity to bring this country what it so desperately needs. Hope and change. (That was his slogan, wasn't it?)

Despite who I thought would be best for the job, and who I ultimately voted for, I DO want our President to succeed. If you don't...you're an idiot! And, I don't feel bad saying that. The success of our nation's leader reflects on our country as a whole. Morale depends on it. It needs it like a drug, like a losing team needs a win. I hope the next four years are like one of the greatest comebacks in NFL football history (Bills vs. Oilers 1993 playoff game comes to mind...good gravy, I love wikipedia).

I wish President Obama all the success that could possibly be afforded to him. And, now that he is elected, I stand behind him. I may not agree with everything he chooses to do for this great country, but we can't all agree on everything. It isn't natural, or fun.

Now, let the next chapter for the United States be written...

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Happy Inauguration Day!

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  1. Well said, Beth.

    And thanks for featuring my little tag here!



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