28 January 2009


I am going out on February 7th for my dear friend, Mrs. Lewis', 31st birthday. Which by the way, the 7th is two days before my very own 31st, so I think, we can safely say, I, at the very least, will be celebrating BOTH special days. It is at a music lounge/bar type place. I never know what to wear to these things. I am pretty confidant in my fashion choices, but the bar scene is a conundrum for me.

On the one hand, you don't want to wear your everyday 'mom' clothes. Right?

Too casual.

source 'Saturday Night Live'

On the other hand, I think trampy clubbin' clothes are definately out. I mean, seriously, I've given live birth four times. It's just not appropriate anymore.

source unknown...sorry, fellas!

But, seriously, when are these kinds of clothes appropriate? I guess, if you work a corner. I'll give you that.

I'm thinkin' something like the following...

image from j.crew

image from j.crew

source unknown

I'm sure I can cook something up.

Maybe, even something a little s-e-x-y (is that word allowed on Blogger?)!

Wowza, wouldn't that be somethin'?!



  1. Feel free to put together something for me that does not include the "mom" jeans!!!! I love ya girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i'm really upset because my outfit for the night was the TEAL dress-now I'm going to have to start over

  3. I'd definitly go with S-E-X-Y

    Love you too girl.....


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