30 December 2008

Trying to be a hero.

Okay, so, I have become obsessed with Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS. I have been trying to justify my addiction by telling myself that it would improve my, overall, digital dexterity. And, consequently, this would inevitably make me a better wife and mother, right?

I mean I can think of a million things that stronger, more nimble fingers can help you do, like, knitting (I, actually, don't know how to knit or crochet), dialing a phone or texting or typing (I haven't come up with how this relates to wifely or motherly duties... yet), changing diapers (there's one, but we are currently potty-training Rosie, so that will be short-lived, I suppose), using the remote (I guess that just promotes TV viewing, hardly superior parenting), using the Wii remote (I just see a vicious cycle here).

Alright, so, my theory just totally blew up in my face, didn't it?


Wait just a nose-pickin' minute...fitter fingers would totally make putting those darn, microscopic, rubber-bands in Betsy's hair much less complicated. I bet it would even speed up the process. Maybe, I should grow out the boys' hair, so that they can share in the fruits of my Guitar Hero labor. I mean, they would look wicked awesome with a man pony-tail!

I'm thinkin' that Miss Dion should start playing Guitar Hero.

But, who I am to judge?
Although, I think in this case, it really wouldn't hurt...

Bye, now!

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