12 November 2008

My Favorite Veteran

this is my daddy with the Eternal Pessimist (my mom) & Jakey on his first day of kindergarten 2006

He is old (59 at the end of November). He is a crab. He has been in the US Army since, I think, like, the Civil War. He has also been a police officer, but he has only done that since the turn of the last century (he is now retired). He is currently in the US Army Reserves, and is stationed far from home in North Carolina (he is coming home for good this winter). He has been married to the same woman for a REALLY long time (35 years). He is a First Sargent, and is said to be quite scary (which makes me laugh). He has been on two tours of Iraq, both in his 50s, he drove around Bosnia for months in a hummer looking for landmines, or something, after their civil war, and he went to Okinawa eons ago, for some war/argument (Vietnam, maybe?), but got some life threatening illness (encephalitis), and got sent home (lucky, son-of-a-nutcracker). He also used to get really mad if you broke curfew (I, of course, never did because my sister did it enough for both of us). He loves his ox of a dog, Griffin. He wants a convertible (I think he should get one). He is a wonderful Grandpa (the kids call him, Sarge). He can bake (weird, huh?). He is handsome (if you're into fossils). He is, overall, a pain-in-my-rumpus. He is my dad, and I love him.

-I am sorry that I completely forgot yesterday was veterans day. You are wicked awesome, and all the peeps should be grateful they have on old relic like you defending their freedom. You are the coolest, oldest Army guy, I've ever known. Now, when T. Beaver starts pushing into his 50s, I might change my mind (it's all in the name)! :)

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