25 November 2008

Is it wrong?

The husband and I eat cookie dough frequently in our house. I know, I know; it's gross, it contains raw ingredients, you could die, yadda, yadda, yadda. I guess I am just a masochist. Anyway, I was wondering if you think it' s wrong to deny the kids of this pleasurable past time by hiding to eat it or waiting until they go to bed? Or, is it wrong to blame the empty package of cookie dough on Big Jake (even though, in this case, it wasn't him) when Pete pleads to have some? "No, honey, I'm sorry, your daddy ate all of it last night." Tell me this isn't wrong!
Also, Jake II wants to run away, like, every other hour for various reasons. I don't know if this is just normal 7-year-old behavior or if he is truly that disappointed in the family he was born into and he is going to stuff his underoos in a duffel and catch the next midnight train to Georgia. Either way, is it wrong for me to not really care? I mean, I care that he is distressed, but come on, son, Italy is not the answer to ridding yourself of those frustrated feelings you have because your dad didn't start the movie at precisely the moment you wanted it on. And Brazil has a new law that does not grant young American boys visas because they didn't get to the tree swing fast enough at the bus stop in the morning. I love him more than my own life, but I think I will help him pack at the next threat. Is this wrong?
And, finally, we come to the holiday hustle bustle. Is it wrong to fell like you shouldn't have to go to 15 different places for Thanksgiving/Christmas? I mean, Jake and I adore our families, but something has got to give. Some years, I feel like telling everyone that we will be at our house all day in our pajamas, and if you want to grace us with your presence, more power to you. "Paper plates are on the counter, turkey and stuffing is on the stove!" All I'm saying is, it takes 15-20 freakin' minutes to get four kids in and out of the car just to go one way. Hello! That alone is enough to make me just want to pull the covers up over my head, and say, "Stuff this up your turkey!" Is that wrong?

...and, yes, I already know the answers;
no, no, & no...

Just joshin'!

Here's to sharin' a bird with family!

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